our story

Did you know that Greentree is over 150 years old?

Beginning in 1869, a rich history of growth and gatherings in various locations have led the way to where Greentree is today. Keep reading to find out more!


From 1869-1873 the 1st meetings were held in the front room of the Smith Building, also called the Wilson Retreat or the Drennon property.  This land is where Phelps Health (Bond Clinic) and land on the south side of the Blues Lake.

Members of the church saved $500 for a building purchase.  As a temporary space, the congregation met in the Phelps County Courthouse, which still stands at 3rd/Main.

The congregation purchased the Masonic Lodge’s Hall at the Northeast corner of 4th/Main, naming the facility the Christian Chapel.  It’s now called Eugene Northern Hall.

Property owned by Robert Douthat, Director of the School of Mines, was deeded to the Trustees of the Methodist Church.  Meeting space was shared with the Methodists at 9th/Main.

8th & Main Street

The church deeded the building & property at 8th/Main.  The articles of incorporation for the Christian Church of Rolla were filed.  Over the years, the building underwent updating but was destroyed by fire in 1917.  We met at 7th/Rolla Street, the Pythian Castle & the Rolla High School auditorium (Cedar/9th) until 1923.  The building at 8th/Main was dedicated on March 4th and was destroyed by another fire in 1946.

Temporarily, we met in the old Baptist church building (7th/Olive), which was the Smith-Hollow Funeral Home chapel.  We moved back to 8th/Main basement space in 1947.  The superstructure was built and later dedicated in 1954.  The educational wing of the church was added in 1963.

A tornado struck damaging the educational wing and sanctuary.  Services were held in the Fellowship Hall while repairs were made.

On October 11, 1989, plans were made to build a multi-purpose building.

10th Street & Greentree Road

In 1991, a gym, kitchen/cafeteria and classrooms were built; and Greentree Learning & Childcare Center opened with 5 children and 3 staff.  The multi-purpose building increased our church space to accommodate the growth of our children’s, youth and fellowship ministries.

Work began on a 20,000 square foot addition to allow the church to be wholly relocated.  October 28, 2001, our first Sunday service was held in the gym.

The Station at 801 Greentree Road was completed as a facility for our growing youth ministries.

Construction of our Worship Center began.  The elders of the church registered our church name to be First Christian Church dba Greentree Christian Church.  Sunday services moved out of the gym on April 17, 2011.  Attendance included 833 people that day.

On April 28, 2019, we marked our 150th birthday, celebrating with special church services, guests and musical performances.  In 2019, Sunday services are regularly attended by about 1,200.