Adult Classes

One of the best ways we know to get serious about studying the Bible is by getting involved in a mid-week Bible study or Sunday morning class. We offer a variety of different Sunday classes at our 9:15am and 10:45am service times. Our Ambassadors and Sojourners classes meet at 9:15am and are very communally focused while working through Scripture and they would be good for anyone looking to find a smaller consistent community. In addition to these ongoing classes, we offer elective classes that taught by various teachers who work through different topics, from books of the Bible, to parenting, to church history and everything in between. Each series in the elective class lasts from 7-9 weeks.

We have both a men's and women's Bible study at Greentree on Wednesday evenings that combine a sense of community with deep study. Both studies meet at 6pm.

For any of the adult classes, you are welcome to join in at any time!

Sunday School Class Schedule