Greentree Learning and Childcare Center

GLCC is an outreach of Greentree Christian Church to families with young children. It is a non-profit religious educational facility that is primarily funded through childcare/tuition receipts, Congregational support and charitable donations. We believe young children benefit immensely from an environment in which they have significant interaction with Christian adults who serve as role models and help them by living and leading a Christian life.

Unique to our campus is a full sized gym that hosts a basketball court, allowing our children the opportunity for indoor free play and organized games. Throughout the week, children can be found doing a multitude of activities from “Duck, Duck, Goose” to Kick-ball.

The curriculum for our Pre-school and Pre-kindergarten classes is “theme based” and Christ-centered in its approach to teaching developmental and academic readiness skills, concepts, and values. Through these programs our teachers encourage their students to be creative in exploring all that God’s world has to offer them.

Our Latchkey program is stocked full of fun. It provides a safe, structured pre and post school environment. It then switches in the summer to a full day summer program that delivers superior hands-on, fun learning experiences.

The Center’s staff is committed to providing a learning program and relevant to each child’s spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs in an atmosphere of personal warmth and supportive love, which stems from our Lord Jesus Christ and His love for children. Greentree Learning and Childcare Center promotes the love of God and others and high moral conduct through our teaching, curriculum, prayers, and play activities. Our program encourages lots of laughter, fun and exercise. Our staff believes each child is special and unique gift from God and should be treated as such.