Welcome to Treehouse Kids

Treehouse Kids is a place where kids thrive in age specific programs focused on Jesus, structured around community, and dedicated to making service and giving a fun part of our faith.

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It is our mission to see children from birth through the 5th grade experience the love of Christ in a safe, fun, and learning rich environment. Through Biblically grounded lessons and activities, children grow together in age appropriate classrooms; led by loving volunteers who are dedicated to showing children what faith looks like in all stages of life, it is our goal that children will desire to live for Christ and give back to His church. 

Treehouse Kids Services

Early Childhood:
We believe that children learn best in age-appropriate classrooms. Children in our early childhood ministry will always be placed in age specific rooms. Lessons are catered to each age group. Children graduate after their birthdays.

Special Needs: Treehouse Kids does not have a separate ministry for children with special needs. It is our goal to incorporate all children in our Sunday morning programming. A buddy can be requested for children needing extra attention, for one service throughout the morning.

All volunteers that work with our Children's Ministry are background checked. Safety is a priority and protecting the children in our care is important.

For more information contact Megan Clay (mclay@greentreerolla.org) 

Treehouse Tips

Services with activities for children happen at 9:15am ONLY. Stop by the check-in desk located on the first floor in the lobby to find your child’s classroom. Classes start promptly to ensure a full morning of learning for your child. We encourage you to arrive a few minutes before service starts. 
All children must check-in before service. Safety is a top priority for Treehouse Kids, so please be aware of our system. Children from birth to age 5 will receive a tag code upon check-in. Parents will be handed a receipt with the correlating code. Please watch for the code on screens in the main worship area, should your child need you during the morning. This tag is also important for matching children to their parent at the end of service.
Children of all ages need to remain in their classroom until a parent or guardians pick them up. We do not allow children to roam the hallways unattended.